This is the site YOU have been looking for! ... marketing jargon for surgeons and medical doctors ... surgical spamming & operation mail ... Luzifer's tips for lung cancer and heart transplantation ...

If everyone behaved like spammers:

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Surgeons and other medical technocrats
"Subject: Real Health"
"Dear Friend and Future Immortal!"
"As seen on obscure TV channels no one ever turns to:"
"Becoming immortal every year again for an investment of only your half liver!"
"Don't believe us - believe others we bought."
"'I were sceptic first, but after having removed my left lung, my colon and my testicles I feel more immortal than ever.' (John Trustworth, Arkansas)"
"If you do not want your organs to be operated on just answer: We will instantly remove all body parts in question to operate on them outside your body."

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